What do Wellness and Sustainability have in common?

Balance, oh that elusive trait.

If we can achieve a modicum of individual and societal harmony, we are more likely to deal with the very real challenges facing our planetary home (without taking out Mars retirement options like Elon Musk). Individually we can work towards balance by working and stressing less, reducing our aspirations and learning to be satisfied with the myriad of ‘free’ activities available to us, many of which will make us a great deal healthier – like a walk on the mountain (for those fortunate enough to have one in their backyard). We can also eat less, better and fresher which means local, and serves to link human wellness with planet wellbeing.

The sense of purpose that derives from aligning our personal ambitions with those around us, affords the opportunity to be more societal cohesion. This is important when you consider that there is no link between income and social well-being in wealthier nations. In fact a smaller gap between rich and poor means a healthier, happier and more successful population.

And if we operate more collectively, we can deal with many of the social and environmental issues facing us because it is not the needs of the many that threaten us, it is the excess of a few. Excessive resource use crowds out billions – half the world’s carbon emissions are produced by 11% of its people and feeding the world’s starving only requires a 1% increase in production. This also applies economically – cutting UK carbon emissions 80% by 2050 would only cost 2% of GDP, not exactly crippling.

Change requires action and discipline over a sustained period of time – until we create new habits. Its not for companies or governments to make the first move, they will respond. The choices are ours to make.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
Arunshati Roy

Sources: The Spirit Level, The Guardian, Oxfam

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