Mindfulness: has it been hijacked by business or can it change lives?

“Just a few years ago, being invited to a company-sponsored meditation session would have raised eyebrows in most workplaces. Now, with the growth in evidence for mindfulness as a way to cultivate well-being, organisations ranging from City banks and advertising agencies, to schools, government departments and third sector agencies are offering courses for their staff.

There is unease that mindfulness is being taught to US Marines pre-deployment (won’t more attentive soldiers make better killers?), at big financial institutions (don’t we need judgement of the greed that fuels boom and bust?) and to frazzled teachers, nurses, and other strained employees (won’t mindfulness be a palliative that allows them to – just about – survive in dysfunctional systems that should really be the focus of reform?).

Nevertheless, even in some apparently unfavourable circumstances, mindfulness training can offer contact with life-changing approaches and attitudes. It seems strange to withhold a much-needed technology because the people it could help aren’t already using it.”

via Mindfulness: has it been hijacked by business or can it change lives?

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