Who Owns Yoga?

“The last decade has seen an explosion of research into how and why yoga, mindful breathing and meditation impact our brains, bodies and behaviour. It’s long been believed that yoga and meditation can positively affect a person’s mood. But now, cold hard evidence appears to be confirming what sages and saints have been saying for thousands of years.

In 2012, 68-year-old Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard was named the world’s happiest man. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin wired up the Frenchman’s skull with 256 sensors. The scans showed something remarkable. Daily meditation has given Ricard an exceptionally large capacity for joy and reduced his propensity towards negative emotions. Researchers showed that regular yoga and meditation can lead to increased activity in the brain’s left prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for memory, mood and emotions, among other things. And you needn’t be a Buddhist monk to benefit. Research suggests that just three weeks of 10 to 20 minutes of daily meditation can positively alter your brain.”

via Al Jazeera

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