The Mindful Manager

“It’s hardly surprising that more workers and more organizations are embracing mindful work, namely, the adaptation of centuries-old meditation techniques and breathwork that have been shown to reduce stress, boost health, strengthen immune systems, improve concentration, encourage cooperation, and yes, increase productivity. Although hardly mainstream, meditation in the workplace is no longer fringe.

Never before have corporations been more central in shaping society. Even as the statistical entity we call “the economy” has confronted the limits of growth, companies — especially large multinationals and tech enterprises — have been growing rapidly. At the same time that companies have been carving out a larger role in public life, people have been turning ever more frequently to a smorgasbord of self-help philosophies ranging from ancient Buddhist practices and yoga to the most esoteric aspects of the New Age, as well as assorted forms of bodywork and nontraditional medicine.

Corporate mindfulness seminars are not yet as prevalent as workplace day care and cafeterias. But they soon may be.”

From Strategy-Business

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