From Holy Father to Every Father on Father’s Day

‘Whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic or Atheist, we all love our children in equal measure. Whatever our differences, the love for our children is a stronger unifying force than all that divides us. As dads, we often express the love we have for our kids by providing for them, and protecting them from harm. And there is no harm facing all of our children more menacing than climate change.

Scientists (and now the Pope) have made it clear that burning fossil fuels is trapping heat in the atmosphere, causing global temperatures to rise. This in turn is causing glaciers to melt, oceans to rise, and droughts, fires, floods and storms to occur with increasing frequency and intensity. It’s going to get a whole lot worse for our kids and grandkids if we don’t take bold action now.’

via Our Kids Need Us to Act on Climate Change | John Friedrich.

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