Exercises for Peace and Happiness

‘In nature “once the chase is over, the hunter goes back to sleep, and the hunted goes back to eating. They don’t think about it, they just do what they do. If that happened to us, we’d be thinking about it for hours, days, even years. But the impala is different. The impala just lives in the moment. That’s why she’s so peaceful.”

Mindfulness is not:

… just meditation. Instead, mindfulness can best be viewed as increasing our attention and awareness in the present moment.

… wiping your mind clear of thoughts. On the contrary, mindfulness is about becoming aware of your thoughts, but without judgment or attempting to push them away.

… relaxation. The overarching practice is not aimed at becoming more relaxed.

… religion. Though it owes some of its heritage to Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness can also be practiced in a wholly secular manner and requires no religious affiliation whatsoever.

… sitting in a lotus posture and burning incense. You certainly can do this if you’d like to, but it’s far from a requirement!’

Source: Mindfulness: 5 Powerful Exercises for Peace and Happiness

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