Do mindfulness activities really work? – FT

‘Some critics argue that mindfulness has been oversold or commodified and that people with mental health struggles are being exploited for commercial gain. In his book McMindfulness, Ronald Purser contends that it has become a new capitalist spirituality. He warns that mindfulness can, in some cases, lead to adverse effects, such as fear, panic and anxiety. He takes issue with what he calls the “pacification function of corporate mindfulness”.

“No one is asking why there is so much stress in corporate cultures.”

“We shouldn’t be told to sit in a corner and watch your breath instead of collaborating with co-workers to ask some difficult questions about what is going on in the workplace.”

…mindfulness is not an exact science: what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else, and finding the time to fit it into a busy schedule is not easy.

Mindfulness can be hard work.’

Source: Financial Times

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