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Only love can save us from climate change

‘Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers, is a man at great peace even as he predicts the possible collapse of civilisation within 100 years as a result of runaway climate change. The 86-year-old Vietnamese … Continue reading

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From Holy Father to Every Father on Father’s Day

‘Whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic or Atheist, we all love our children in equal measure. Whatever our differences, the love for our children is a stronger unifying force than all that divides us. As dads, we often express … Continue reading

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The Pope calls on humanity to protect the Earth

“The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth” because of “unfettered greed and out-of-control consumption”, Pope Francis says, in what must be the most keenly anticipated papal document of modern times. … Continue reading

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6 Myths About Renewable Energy, Busted!

Renewable energy is viable, reliable, and ready to go – all that’s missing is the political will to kick start an energy revolution. Myths: 1. Renewable energy is too expensive 2. Renewable energy is still science-fiction 3. Renewable energy can’t … Continue reading

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Quotes From An Indian Chief That Will Make You Question “Modern” Culture

Praise, flattery, exaggerated manners and fine, high-sounding words were no part of Lakota politeness. Excessive manners were put down as insincere, and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Conversation was never begun at once, or in a hurried … Continue reading

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Sustainable Finance’s time is now

There are three possible scenarios for climate change: 1. 97% of climate scientists are wrong. 2. We’re doomed, we steam onwards because we can’t do anything to change course, or 3. Economics and the flow of money solves the crisis … Continue reading

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Less is more

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