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More Skin in the Game in 2013

“…we misunderstand corporate managers’ incentive structure. Contrary to public perception, corporate managers are not entrepreneurs. They are not what one could call agents of capitalism. Since 2000, in the United States, the stock market has lost – depending on how … Continue reading

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Feeding the evil wolf

What outcomes can we expect from our economic co-existence when our diet consists mainly of immediate self-interest and self-serving junk food? When it is based on assumptions about motives that are inherently malevolent; and when we have structured that system … Continue reading

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What do Wellness and Sustainability have in common?

Balance, oh that elusive trait. If we can achieve a modicum of individual and societal harmony, we are more likely to deal with the very real challenges facing our planetary home (without taking out Mars retirement options like Elon Musk). … Continue reading

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So what does $ 14 Trillion get you?

Vaccinate kids, fix poverty, buy the world an iPhone. And that’s just a start. A sobering perspective from Mother Jones.

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Movie Credits with meaning

Watched the movie ‘The Other Guys’ the other night for the second time (I like Will Ferrel) and happened to catch the movie credits this time. Some interesting stats and clearly a statement being made that wasn’t necessarily obvious in … Continue reading

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Connected Capital

‘Green’ has evolved from a social movement and sustainability will happen through the economy in the growth of new market options that are healthier, cleaner and more efficient. Organisations that embody this ethos rather than tack it on to products … Continue reading

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Happiness linked to ‘high level of equality’

BBC News No surprises here

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