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Back to reality?

I once spent three weeks on the magnificent rainforest island of Florianopolis off the east coast of Brazil, spent at a very intensive and intense Ayhuasca seminar being fully deconstructed, having my beliefs and values challenged in an idyllic paradise. … Continue reading

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Obligations of Natural Way followers

To bring back the natural harmony that humans once enjoyed. To save the planet from present practices of destruction. To find and reemploy real truth. To promote true balance between both genders. To share and be less materialistic. To become … Continue reading

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The spirit gland and the headstand

DMT (Di-Methyl-Tryptamine) is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic produced by the pineal gland in the brain and elevated states of it are associated with birth (both for mother and newborn if it is vaginal), near-death experiences, death and mystical states. Dr … Continue reading

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Yoga in everyday life

Yoga is a set of tools and techniques (a small number of which are physical exercises) designed to purify the body, maintain health, enable the mind to be calm, allow energy to move and facilitate a meditation practice. In the … Continue reading

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Taught or learned

Beware of fads, derivatives and unnecessary complications and search instead for simplicity, authenticity and humility. False prophets and charlatans often shout the loudest, convinced that bluster overwhelms logic, because often it does. Today we are more likely to look for … Continue reading

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