Exercises for Peace and Happiness

‘In nature “once the chase is over, the hunter goes back to sleep, and the hunted goes back to eating. They don’t think about it, they just do what they do. If that happened to us, we’d be thinking about it for hours, days, even years. But the impala is different. The impala just lives in the moment. That’s why she’s so peaceful.”

Mindfulness is not:

… just meditation. Instead, mindfulness can best be viewed as increasing our attention and awareness in the present moment.

… wiping your mind clear of thoughts. On the contrary, mindfulness is about becoming aware of your thoughts, but without judgment or attempting to push them away.

… relaxation. The overarching practice is not aimed at becoming more relaxed.

… religion. Though it owes some of its heritage to Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness can also be practiced in a wholly secular manner and requires no religious affiliation whatsoever.

… sitting in a lotus posture and burning incense. You certainly can do this if you’d like to, but it’s far from a requirement!’

Source: Mindfulness: 5 Powerful Exercises for Peace and Happiness

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Are meditation and psychedelics the same?

“Do you ever find yourself worrying about an upcoming situation, even though similar past experiences have worked out fine? Or do you worry about your relationship or finances in a way that is out of proportion with your actual circumstances? These are classic symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety disorders, along with depression, are among the most common mental disorders in the world today.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and affects 350 million people globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Treatment for the conditions are wide-ranging, from prescription drugs to counseling and therapy, but none have proven to have a universal effect. Scientists are currently trialling meditation and, more controversially, psychedelic drugs as potential treatments due to their perspective-altering effect on the mind. Scientists hope that could help release people from being locked into depressive, or worrying, thoughts.”

Source: CNN.com

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Bullshit jobs: about meaning… and Freedom

‘Nowadays, numerous people are forced to spend their entire working lives doing jobs they consider to be pointless. “Bullshit jobs,” the anthropologist David Graeber calls them. They’re the jobs that even the people doing them admit are, in essence, superfluous. And we’re not talking about just a handful of people here. In a survey of 12,000 professionals by the Harvard Business Review, half said they felt their job had no “meaning and significance,” and an equal number were unable to relate to their company’s mission. Another recent poll among Brits revealed that as many as 37% think they have a bullshit job.’

Source: Why free money beats bullshit jobs

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Nature boosts happiness and makes you kinder: Study

“People have been discussing their profound experiences in nature for the last several hundred years—from Thoreau to John Muir to many other writers. Now we are seeing changes in the brain and changes in the body that suggest we are physically and mentally more healthy when we are interacting with nature.”

David Strayer, University of Utah

Source: True Activist

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The Future of Betterment

“Self-actualization isn’t about avoiding or treating illness. That’s a matter of survival that belongs at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid. And of course there’s plenty about self-actualization that isn’t health related: ethics, creativity, taste, humor, and more. But for many people, physical, mental and emotional peak performance are a fundamental part of self-actualization. That means they’re fundamental to how they seek meaning in their lives.”

Source: trendwatching.com

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Business Leadership Secret: Observe more, react less

‘…most of today’s workers – and senior executives perhaps most of all – lack what they need, whether it’s meditation or a different approach, to balance and offset the demands of their “anywhere, everywhere” roles in today’s corporations. Most executives can’t disappear for long stretches to go fishing, and picking up painting sounds daunting. But they can use simple versions of proven meditation techniques to improve the quality of their lives, even if it’s only by increments. Mindfulness has been gaining currency in business circles, and a few business schools also have been wading into the topic of meditation through the leadership of several professors.’

Source: McKinsey & Company

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A Mindful Board

‘Mindfulness in the boardroom refers to the capacity of a group of people to think in a deep way together. In assessing a current challenge, the mindful board looks to the past, present, and future. Deliberations encompass the impact of a decision not only on the enterprise, but on industry, society, and the planet. And the board considers how the decision will play out in both the short term and the very long term.’

Source: The Mindful Board

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