Make it a new year’s resolution to be less active

“… our world of ‘frenetic scheduling, hyperactivity and permanent distraction’ has ‘made an outlaw of silence and indifference’, and that in the social media age, even mere reticence can be subversive. Digital technologies, together with our entrenched long-hours working culture, have encroached on hitherto sacred psychic spaces.

So what’s the remedy? How, realistically, does one opt out? The spiritual needs of the ordinary citizen are not all that different from those of the creative genius; but contemporary culture, with its penchant for pathologizing eccentricity, has all manner of unkind names for practitioners of ‘pure selfhood’.

In a techno-dystopian future of digital superabundance, artificial intelligence and round-the-clock striving, your inner weirdo might just be the one thing keeping you sane.”

Source: Spectator USA

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How to grow corporate emotional culture

1. Practice Mindfulness

2. Practice Empathy Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 08.42.02

3. Sleep

4. Communicate in Person

David Kahl, Fully Founder

(Source: @garycommunity)

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“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly”

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 09.44.26.png

Quote from Nathan W. Morris – in full:

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

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5 Habits of Mindful People

Why do some people seem to handle challenges with grace and ease while other crumble under stress?

Many of the world’s most successful people have some sort of daily mindfulness practice.

Here’s what they do differently:

1. They don’t get hooked by their emotions. Mindful people don’t react to fleeting feelings. They respond in a calm, controlled manner.

2. They pay attention to their repetitive thoughts. Mindful people look for exaggerated, irrational, or unrealistic thoughts that may cause them undue worry.

3. They get curious and ask questions. Mindful people are empathic and expert listeners.

4. They embrace imperfection (in themselves and others). Perfectionism is a happiness killer.

5. They practice preemptive self-care. Mindful people manage their attentional resources. They monitor their internal state to watch for signs of depletion.


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“You should sit quietly for fifteen minutes every day to gather your thoughts, unless you’re too busy, in which case you should sit for an hour.”


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Future Of Work: Mindfulness As A Leadership Practice

“What the mindfulness movement has proven is that no matter what an employee’s role in the company, mindfulness can allow for a greater level of attention and engagement. An investment of time in the practice can pay dividends in the form of increased employee productivity, well bring, reduced stress levels and even reduced healthcare costs.”

From: Forbes Magazine – Leadership

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Wellness at work: The promise and pitfalls

‘”The person you report to at work can be more important to your health than your family doctor. We want to send people home safe, healthy, and fulfilled—all three dimensions.” Employers are in a unique position to be a good influence on health and general well-being. After all, working people spend more of their waking time on the job than anywhere else.

“The biggest cause of chronic illness is stress, and the biggest cause of stress is work.”

“I do feel you can think about purpose and performance with equal weight. If our people are not truly excited, and if they haven’t slept well or eaten well or exercised well, if they’re nonmindful, clients are not going to have a great experience.”‘

Source: McKinsey & Company

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